Elizabeth Henninger, commonly referred to as Chairman Maple(CMM), is one of the leaders of The Place. Originally from F2, she takes on one of the most important roles besides Chairman Ishii.

History Edit

Because Chairman Maple is a real person, it'd be best to actually ask her about her childhood.
In Room F2, Elizabeth is an ambitious junior who 'strives for 85'. She shared classes with the other Elizabeth and tended to stay late with her during her sophomore year. She's one of the smarter students and hates the majority of her peers, whether it's because they're fake or their tastes are just so out of her own(who the hell is French Montana, anyway? Phil Collins is where it's at.)

As for her time in The Place? She was the one who originally came up with it but didn't know how to go about it until Todomatsu Matsuno approached her.

"I've noticed that [everything] is kinda... all over the place. Like... I feel like I'm lost. Where exactly are we..?" -Todomatsu, 12/5/16
So, with the help of a few Matsuno brothers, specifically Choromatsu Matsuno and his youngest brother, she was able to put something together. Now, as she lives within it today, she's been 'a pretty busy woman' with all the concerns she stresses her shoulders with, along with the organization and development of The Place itself.

She gained her Chairman title next to Elizabeth Ishii when everything was settled in, and because Todomatsu Matsuno helped them, he became one of their assistants.

Being a chairman, a 'mother', and a student, her responsibilities are really up there, which is why she is so hard on herself.