Esta página refere-se à versão adulta de Osomatsu-San de Jyushimatsu. Clique aqui para a versão Osomatsu-Kun, onde os sétuplos Matsuno são alunos do quinto ano de 10 anos em vez de NEETs.
Jyushimatsu Matsuno is the fifth son of the Matsuno sextuplets.

Canon!Matsu and Place!Matsu are practically identical, so there is no need to compare and contrast them.

History Edit

He follows the Osomatsu-San Script, therefore his timeline/history is pretty final... Unless a Chairman steps in to change anything.

To learn more about the Osomatsu-San timeline, just watch the anime. There are around 25 canonical episodes, along with a few bonus ones, such as Episode 3.5, which you can find in the above link, along with Episode 26 (which has been rewritten under Osomatsu's request).

Appearance Edit

He is usually seen with his mouth wide open, smiling, with his tongue visible. He also has one cowlick. He is usually seen wearing a yellow hoodie with stretched sleeves, blue swim shorts and white socks. At home, he wears yellow slippers.

Like the rest of his brothers, he occasionally can be seen wearing a light blue blazer, gray slacks, and black dress shoes when they all attempt to dress formally.

In the Jyushimatsu Matsuri episode, it is suggested that Jyushimatsu's current look came about at age 16 (though he was also shown to be constantly smiling as a newborn, standing out from his brothers in being awake while they slept). This is elaborated on in the movie, though in a different and extended way for how he achieved his current look and attitude.

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