"The walls are space themed, yet the floor is so dark... It's almost like there's a weak sense of gravity around here!"
Main Hall is the open space in The Place. It's kinda like the welcome room, an overview if you would. From here, characters can go up into Floor A/1, or more formally, Primary Hall.

There are plenty of floors with multiple rooms, franchise or otherwise. Some of these rooms are humongous, and can easily take up a lot of space.

An elevator can be spotted near the Chairmen's Office.

Keep in mind that each letter represents a new floor and that The Place is constantly gaining new franchises to add.

Franchise rooms/Hallways Edit

Primary Hall

A1 - Pokémon

A2 - Sonic the Hedgehog

A3 - Hetalia

A4 - Danny Phantom

A5 - My Little Pony

Secondary Hall

B1 - Chowder

B2 - Kotoura-San

B3 - Powerpuff Girls

B4 - Sailor Moon

B5 - Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends

B6 - Coco

B7 - Dr.Who

B8 - Back to the Future

Tertiary Hall

C1 - My Gym Partner's A Monkey

C2 - The Lorax

C3 - Team Three Star

C4 - Teen Titans

Quaternary Hall

D1 - Tokyo Mew Mew

D2 - Care Bears

D3 - Camp Lazlo

D4 - Spongebob Squarepants

D5 - Lazytown

Quinary Hall

E1 - Undertale

E2 - Shall We Date?: Wizardess Heart+

E3 - El Tigre

Senary Hall

F1 - Dragon Ball

F2 - Wayne County

F3 - Yandere Simulator

F4 - Shrek

F5 - Ouran High School Host Club

F6A - Osomatsu-san

F6B - Osomatsu-kun

Septenary Hall

G1 - Invader Zim

G3 - Wreck-It Ralph

G4 - Adventure Time

G5 - Gravity Falls

Octonary Hall

H1 - Kappa Mikey

H2 - Kirby

H3 - Steven Universe


H5 - Kingdom Hearts

Nonary Hall

I1 - Sly Cooper

I2 - How the Grinch Stole Christmas

I3 - Rugrats

I4 - Creepypasta 

I5 - Alvin and the Chipmunks 

Denary Hall 

J1A - Loony Toons 

J1B - Baby Loony Toons 

J2 - Avatar: The Last Airbender 

J3 - The Fairly OddParents 

J4 - Five Nights at Freddy's 

J5 - Redwall 

Undecimary Hall 

K1 - The Nutshack 

K2 - PaRappa the Rapper 

K3 - Super Mario

Duodenary Hall

L1 - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

L2 - Final Fantasy

L3 - Yin Yang Yo!

L4 - Megaman

L5 - Mickey Mouse

Tredecimary Hall

M1 - Alice in Wonderland

M2 - Scooby Doo

M3 - American Horror Stories

M4 - Bones

M5 - Courage the Cowardly Dog

M6 - Macbeth

Quartadecimary Hall

N1 - Clifford the Big Red Dog

N2 - Dora the Explorer

N3 - Go, Diego, Go!

N4 - Blue's Clues

N5 - Dragon Tales

Quintadecimary Hall

O1 - Merry-Go-Round

O2 - Toontown

O3 - Bolt

O4 - The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

O5 - Kindergarten

Sedecimary Hall

P1 - Kubo and the Two Strings

P2 - Lilo and Stitch

P3 - Miraculous Ladybug

P4 - Fran Bow

P5 - Moana

P6 - Total Drama

Non-franchise rooms Edit

The Sauna has its own floor, and currently can only be accessed through the elevator.

Main Floor - The Entrance, Chairmen's Office, The Auditorium, The Karaoke Bar, The Gymnasium, The Place Mall

Floor E/5 - Cafeteria, Library

Floor G/7 - The Outfitter

Floor H/8 - TCO

And to top it all off, The Place has a roof.

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